Everything You Need to Know About Parsley, Herbs and Health Products

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What Is Parsley?


Parsley Healthy - Health Benefits of Parsley

You probably recognise parsley as a familiar fresh or dried herb, but you may not know that it can prove to be a boon to your health. Many cultures use it not only to add flavor to dishes, but also for the high nutrient value and benefits.

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Growing Parsley - Learn How To Grow Parsley

This popular herb is used in sauces, salads, and especially soups, so.. why not growing your own Parsley.  Parsley - An Easy Growing, Under Appreciated Herb.

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Learn How To Dry Parsley

Now you can have your own bountiful supply of parsley all year round when you use this tip for how to Dry Parsley Leaves.  What an easy way to save all that beautiful parsley growing in my garden. 

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What’s the Difference between Flat-Leaf Parsley and Curly Parsley

The two most popular types of Parsley flat-leaf and curly parsley—are entirely unique in flavor, and will have notably different effects on any dish. 


Parsley Tea Benefits

As a medicinal herb, parsley has a great number of benefits that you can make the most of just by drinking a cup of this tea on a regular basis.

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The Best Way to Store Parsley

The key to using fresh herbs is keeping them Fresh, especially Parsley. The good news is that herbs hold up really well in the freezer, and you don’t need to be caught without.

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Parsley good for you - Great, simple and clean tasting herb that can brighten up most any dish it is added to


A fresh, natural breath freshener! Just chew on fresh parsley after eating garlic to eliminate bad breath

Parsley is a potent source of nutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce the symptoms of arthritis

Promotes healthy digestion by flushing out excess water and reducing bloating