Parsley Tea - Parsley Tea Benefits

Parsley Tea

So what are Parsley Tea Benefits?

Parsley tea is a cleansing herbal tea that is easy to make and ideal to drink when you need to flush your body of toxins.

While almost most people are familiar with the uses of parsley in the kitchen, the healing benefits of this herb are less known.

As a medicinal herb, parsley has a great number of benefits that you can make the most of just by drinking a cup of this tea on a regular basis.

How to Make Parsley Tea at Home

The quickest way to enjoy parsley tea is by using a parsley tea bag. You'll find many brands online and in many health food stores. Parsley tea bags are manufactured using dried leaves, so you can store them in a cool dry place and they will last much longer than fresh parsley.

How to Make Parsley Tea in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Heat water to boiling
  2. Fill the cup or press with hot water. 
  3. Allow the leaves to steep for about four minutes. Steep longer if you prefer a stronger cup. If you are new to parsley tea, start with a weaker cup and gradually increase the strength of your tea as you get used to the taste.
  4. Remove the parsley leaves with a spoon or remove the infuser and discard the leaves. If you are using a press, place the plunger on top and slowly press down to separate the leaves from the tea.

Organic Parsley Leaf Tea - 18 Tea Bags

Parsley Tea

    Parsley Tea Benefits

    • It is an antioxidant, which means it flushes out toxins from the body.
    • It is rich in vitamin C, which supports the absorption of iron in the body; thus, parsley tea cures anemia.
    • Parsley carries high levels of beta carotene, folate, and vitamin B12. This enables it to enhance and stimulate the assimilation and nutrient utilizing the ability of organs.
    • One of the biggest parsley tea benefits is its assistance in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism.
    • It maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels and also helps in repairing their wear and tear.
    • It is rich in enzymes that boost the digestive system and excretory system.
    • It promotes the digestion of fats and proteins that further helps in intestinal absorption.
    • It helps in liver assimilation and storage.
    • It helps in treating gum problems.
    • It relieves excessive gas from the alimentary canal.
    • It contains apiol, a constituent of the female sex hormone called estrogen. It helps in bringing regularity in menstrual cycles.
    • It assists in easing menstrual cramps.
    • Parsley tea has a high content of chlorophyll. Therefore, it assists the body in getting rid of harmful, pathogenic micro-organisms.
    • It helps the lungs to discharge residues that keep accumulating in it due to environmental pollution.
    • Parsley tea is also known to inhibit cancerous tumor growth. 


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