Parsley vs Cilantro

Parsley vs Cilantro

So what is the difference between Parsley and Cilantro (Coriander)?

Cilantro and parsley are definitely not the same. And if you’ve ever accidentally served cilantro to a parsley fan, you might have gotten an earful about it. Cilantro and Parsley are different. They’re often placed next to each other in the produce section with little or no labeling. Worse, they look very, very similar. Without actually taking the time to learn the differences, you’d never be able to tell them apart by sight alone.

1- By Look 

Compared to parsley, cilantro leaves tend to be more delicate looking. The serrations on cilantro leaves are rounded and lacy looking, whereas parsley usually has pointy serrations. Parsley is typically a slightly darker green. 

2- By Taste and Smell 

The easiest way to distinguish cilantro vs parsley is through their taste and smell because that's where the two differ the most. so youParsley has a pretty mild taste and scent. Cilantro has a very distinct, almost metallic soapy scent and taste. 

3- Different Recipes

Cilantro and Parsley are generally found in different kinds of cuisine. Parsley is often used in Mediterranean and Italian dishes (although it’s pretty common across the board), and it’s a mainstay in pasta, soups and stews, salads, and green smoothies and juices. Cilantro is commonly found in Mexican and Asian food (it’s sometimes called Chinese parsley), so it can be expected in salsas, on tacos, or sprinkled on curries or pho.

If there’s a lot of doubt, just get both! Cilantro and parsley tend to be very inexpensive, meaning you can take both herbs home and experiment to your heart’s content.


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