What Is Italian Parsley?

 Italian Parsley

So what is Italian Parsley?

Italian or flat parsley is more subtle than cilantro, but with a stronger flavor than curly parsley.  It’s used as an ingredient in dishes that don’t have a strong flavor.  It’s also used in Mediterranean dishes frequently. Italian parsley adds flavor and texture, making a great addition to many different entrees as a garnish or can be chopped into soups, pasta, and sauces.

Its flavor is stronger than that of its parsley cousin, curly parsley

Nutritional Highlights

    • Great source of vitamin A, C & K, calcium, manganese, iron, unique antioxidants and potassium
    • High in fiber
    • Low calorie
    • Contains essential oils including myristicin, limonene, and eugenol.
    • The herb has antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Buying tips

    • It is easy to confuse Italian parsley with cilantro. Italian parsley has leaves that are larger and a fresh, grassy smell.
    • It should be bright green with no wilting. Look for bright green leaves with no signs of yellowing, browning, or wilting.


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